Greetings to you, my dear brother Mamdouh Al-Moghrabi and to the General Director of the Arabs channels Integrated Systems and staff have a wonderful your business and your services before purchase and during installation and post-installation Back and Front System list of all of Darren Dammam restaurant district of Hamra / Mubarakiya and Darren news new restaurant as well as a list dining room and balcony LAMOURA third floor of Darren Al-Khobar new restaurant, which has facilitated us to do our job the daily transfer of our customers loved ones demands precision and speed of the dining halls differently, individuals and families into separate sections in the kitchen of Darren restaurant function as the authorities and the Department of tandoori and the Department of the main cooking and even the section of each chef of unvaccinated in a practical, accurate and fast. It was also to take advantage of this wonderful program by the chef in the desired dishes and bowls assess unwanted to review the menu from time to time and change according to the tastes and opinions of our customers.
this program help us to know the cost of the dishes and thus determine the prices of these dishes to be suitable for us and for our customers honored. The advantages and benefits of this program are many I do not counted here, but what I would like to clarify that we are very happy and the conviction of this program and services for this leading company in this field and we will work to expand our dealings with them if we decided to expand in the future, God willing. Greetings and appreciation to all of you and to further reconcile with God's help.
General Director of Darren restaurant
Hassan Ali Al- Bin Ali

Hassan Ali Al- Bin Ali

(I think ACIS Systems is a strong program and a specialist in the field of hospitality and restaurants as it contains an excellent company reports and serve decision makers, whether in sales or costs and control them)
Senior cost controller accountant in ( Gulf investment corporation - Food & Beverage Restaurants).
Ahmad Atef

Ahmad Atef

Very honored to deal with ACIS during the previous period, and so what we saw from the sophisticated deal in providing the service on their part and of technical support and immediate response by the supervisors, despite the lack of the difficulties that we faced speed where we have previous experiences with others in the same field we did not find what we have found with ACIS and we are pleased so to be part of ACIS success partners JAWAN Restaurant
JAWAN Restaurant
Hashim Al Tayyeb

Hashim Al Tayyeb

In light of developments in the world of marketing and sales, in line with the ambitious cafe Al-Hadara in development were selected POS software Arab Channels Integrated Systems compatibility with our ambitious and meet branch requirements in terms of smooth-use and accuracy in the details and how much and the type of reports that meet requirements at work.
Thank you for the quality of service provided
Al-Hadara Cafe
Ehab Abu Jbara

Ehab Abu Jbara


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