ACIS is your one-stop provider of licensing, maintenance renewal, implementation and support, training and remote administration for Human Resources Management System, Enterprise Resource Planning, Medical Management Solution, Food & Beverage Solution , Retail Management Solution, Web Design, Video Animation and CCTV Camera Systems products.

We offer a wide range of cost-effective services to facilitate your transition to a secured and managed network and more effective management of your IT organization and infrastructure.

Our services ranging in:

  • Solution Architecting.
  • Project Scoping.
  • Functional Specifications through to project management.
  • Implementation.
  • Integration.
  • Data Migration.
  • Training
  • Post implementation support.
  • Business, user and system audits.

Business Consulting Services

Arab Channels Integrated System is dedicated to working hand-in-hand with clients to provide a structured, pragmatic, results-oriented approach to defining, integrating, implementing and managing business-focused IT services.

ACIS design services reflect our breadth of industry experience and past performance solving complex business problems.

Arab Channels Integrated System designs an end-state architecture mapping functionality and technology to specific tools, and produces a phased road map of how to get there.

ACIS first discovers our clients prioritized needs and current state of the business, IT services and operating environment. Then, ACIS determine required operations tools capabilities, best practices that apply to the business, and gaps of existing environment.

Licensing Services

ACIS’s software licensing services allow organizations who subscribe to application services to “rent” a suite of software.

Our software licensing service including the right of using the software along with the annual maintenance, that allowing the organization to get current updates, and technical support for the software.

Customer service is a central to software licensing service programs-and business-success. ACIS customer service professionals are experts at handling the highly differentiated, complex requests that comprise software licensing service and support. ACIS business development team can provide product demonstration and competitive pricing.

ACIS is a partner of business objects, which covers the whole partner products. By employing ACIS as a software provider you have selected a provider with multiple years of experience and expertise. By using ACIS service to manage your software applications, the organization will have a single point of contact for any issues, concerns or questions.

Implementation Services

ACIS offers comprehensive implementation services for its products to ensure they are implemented effectively and they meet customer expectations. As part of the implementation process, ACIS will spend time understanding customer requirements and helping them determine how automation and process reengineering can improve their business.

Our implementation services include:

  • Deployment of application.
  • Upgrade to the latest version of application.
  • Migrating other vendor products to our best practice solution; maintaining the functionality to ensure that users continue to have the same features.
  • Enhancement to gain more capabilities.
  • Professional services as testing in pre-production for operational readiness.

To ensure smooth results and operations, we work with internal staff and provide complete documentation to ensure clients can fully utilize the system and solve any problems without any outside assistance, as well as support users in the system.

A key benefit of working with ACIS’s implementation team is the proven project management process that is used along with a staff of skilled consultants to reduce risk and manage projects to on-time delivery within budget.

ACIS consultants have a reputation for tackling complex integrations with asset tools, monitoring systems, and Active Directory networks. Throughout your implementation, our methodology promotes effective communication, project management, and knowledge transfer.

Training Services

ACIS conducts trainings at our training center on a regular basis to keep our clients abreast with the latest versions of our products.

Our consultants, who have extensive hands on experience in the field, conduct these trainings. Certificates are awarded at the end of the training to prove the trainees mastery of the subject.

The training center is with the latest computers and state of the art equipment to enable effective content delivery. During the training, hands on exercises are provided on the product. This enables the trainee to put to practice techniques learnt during the training.

ACIS Support

We can confidently provide complete installation and hardware, along with any technical support required to use our products!

At ACIS, we understand that customers do not buy products; they buy the satisfaction of particular needs. Therefore, to be successful, the services provided must be perceived by the customer to deliver sufficient value in the form of outcomes that the customer wants to achieve. The Support is provided by ACIS for all the products and services we offer. Our support is manned by consultants with relevant industry experience who also deploy the solutions. The Support is underpinned by Service Level Agreements (SLA) that are mutually agreed with the customer with regard to the response and resolution times to a query and the escalation levels. We understand the importance of mission critical applications and customers can sign into standard, gold and platinum levels of SLAs.

There is a great level of flexibility on what support you receive depending on what level of support you choose.

Here is a list of services we offer:

  • Complete Support Including Phone, E-Mail & Remote Desktop
  • Installation
  • Free Quotation
  • Free Training Videos for installation and setup as a download
  • Personal Training - This facility is available through onsite training, or by visiting our premises.
  • You can also receive training through remote desktop, on a 1 on 1 basis with the particular application you have purchased

We are proud to be different here at RPS, far from being a 9 to 5 company, we are available whenever you need us - including out of hours service. If you have any unusual requests please let us know and we will almost certainly be able to accommodate them.

*Remote Desktop module is where we can access what is displaying on your computer screen from our offices. We can even share mouse and keyboard interaction, this module can be purchased with all of our products, or it can be purchased separately. To read more about Remote Desktop and what benefits it can offer.


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