Restaurant POS System

Fit for all restaurant types, cuts down lapses, lowers costs and enhances customer experience

eZee BurrP! is a desktop based Restaurant Management Software designed to give restaurants all the tools they require to speed up service and increase efficiency of operations. The customizable options offered in the POS system software is ideal for any restaurant type including fine dining restaurants, bistros, fast food chains, cafes, etc. No matter what kind of establishment, eZee BurrP! helps the staff to complete their tasks efficiently in line with their operational style and business.

Restaurant management app

Restaurant management app to run operations on-the-go

Even if restaurants use POS software, most of them always seek the flexibility to perform operations instantly without any delay. Especially the owners those who frequently travel onsite for business. That’s why we've developed eZee BurrP! Lite restaurant management app which is integrated with eZee BurrP! Restaurant management system. This app helps you perform all your daily tasks right on your fingertips. Be it small, medium, or large restaurants, all can handle orders and track performance from both Android and iOS mobile devices.

  • Speed up management Speed up management
  • Step up customer service Step up customer service
  • Settle everything quickly Settle everything quickly
Giving everything on your finger tips, easily switch from one order type to other

Giving everything on your finger tips, easily switch from one order type to other

Get direct access to all operation modes right from the main dashboard. This reduces errors in order type and increases speed of service. Get the flexibility to choose from Dine In, Delivery, or Take Away, making it easier for the staff to track the order type and simplify the billing process with restaurant management system. Moreover, through the Kitchen Display System (KDS), all orders are immediately displayed in the kitchen to jump start the order preparation resulting in quicker and better service.

  • Dine In Dine In
  • Delivery Delivery
  • Take Away Take Away
  • Kitchen Display System Kitchen Display System
  • Kiosk Mode Kiosk Mode
  • Room Service Room Service
Billing Operations, the final punch of the meal!

Billing Operations, the final punch of the meal!

Its the finale. Its the last impression. A bad dessert can ruin the meal.

Anybody involved in restaurant management would know that the guest service doesn't end with order serving. The final and the most critical process for every food and beverage establishment is billing operations. Because this is the only thing that will leave a lasting impression on the guests. Streamlining all operations and keeping all the updates between orders in check, eZee's restaurant POS software manages the entire billing process-including adding removing items in an order, splitting bills and more- without any hiccups.

  • Add/Void Items Add/Void Items
  • Split Bills Split Bills
  • Payment Preferences Payment Preferences
table to menu management

Everything from the table to menu management

Table reservation and menu management is the bloodline of restaurant management and crucial to offering an impeccable guest service. eZee’s restaurant POS system offers you a quick and easy solution to table reservation management as well as offering A to Z of menu management--right from creating and editing multiple menus to each menu having its own menu groups, menu subgroups, item types, groups, rates and items modifiers.

  • Table Reservation Management Table Reservation Management
  • Creating multiple menus Creating multiple menus
  • Order customization with item modifiers Order customization with item modifiers
  • Different Menus and with separate rates and taxes Different Menus and with separate rates and taxes
Inventory and stock management

Stock and Inventory Management

One of the most tedious tasks in restaurant management is Inventory and Stock management. Any kind of error in this will lead to an outpouring of confusion in all departments. The sophisticated stock and inventory management module of eZee restaurant software is a stickler for detail which lets you efficiently manage the stock, decrease wastage and track item usage. The advance tracking and reports keep you up to date with the inventory levels and see the fluctuating demands in your store, allowing for better cost saving decisions.

  • Real-time inventory Real-time inventory
  • Set stock levels Set stock levels
  • Initiate transfer of items Initiate transfer of items
  • Inventory and Stock Rates Inventory and Stock Rates
Mobile App for Reports

Mobile App for Reports

eZee's Mobile App for POS reports offers a unique opportunity to receive instant summarized reports of revenue data of your hotel and restaurant right to your tablet and smart-phone. Selecting a particular time period for the reports, you can get various reports on your mobile device through eZee iReport

  • Transaction Review Transaction Review
  • Sales Chart Sales Chart
  • Cashier Sales Report Cashier Sales Report
  • Outlet Summary Report Outlet Summary Report
POS software for your restaurant chains

POS software for your restaurant chains

Now restaurant owners and staff can manage multiple restaurant outlets and all the activities going on with the help of our eZee Optimus restaurant POS system. Whether it is a chain of restaurants or franchises, you can easily control various functions of all your F&B businesses like track live status of sales, stock and inventory, menu items and more from one location.

  • Configure unlimited outlets Configure unlimited outlets
  • Control from one location Control from one location
  • Consolidated reports Consolidated reports
  • Roles and privileges Roles and privileges

Encompassing all restaurant operations, supplementary modules

Explore additional modules of eZee BurrP! Restaurant management software that will not only make running restaurant operations feel like a child’s play but also help up-sell services and increase revenue. Additional modules include SMS & e-mail notifications, managing loyalty cards, payroll management, banquet operations and more.

  • Get instant alerts with SMS & e-mail notifications Get instant alerts with SMS & e-mail notifications
  • Offer your guest something more with loyalty and gift cards Offer your guest something more with loyalty and gift cards
  • Carry out the A-Z of payroll management Carry out the A-Z of payroll management
  • Efficiently manage complete banquet operations Efficiently manage complete banquet operations

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