Arab Channels Integrated System (ACIS) Company is a selective of professionals who has certain energy, a workable enthusiasm for what to do and provide value added consulting service in business management, financial and investment and information technology.

Our strength is our team who knows how to build strong working relationship with client. This make us pioneer by providing consulting and technology service to all the segment of our industry.

Over the years we have had requests for many types of Food & Beverage software and Retail Software including, installing bar-coding systems into a leather section of one of the most prestigious companies. Monitoring logistics, admin control, and staff repair management for a domestic appliance company.

This has allowed us to develop powerful point of sale and bar coding systems, more than capable of coving hospitality and retailers every need. Our software products, range from all POS software systems, inventory control systems.

We also supply hospitality restaurant and coffee software and retail system solutions for specialist POS. We offer a range of quality hardware at affordable prices.

In addition to our strategic partnership with leading vendor such as Durra Tech, Back and Front, Help Soft, Compumedical, which provide an international solution: ERP Solution, Health Care Solution, Food & Beverage Solution and, we also provide Professional Services like: Consultation, Design, Implementation, Integration, Training and Management Services.

ACIS has a unique blend of experience and creativity to assist you in establishing solutions that meet your goals. Our job is to help you make the right choices for your business needs and to implement those choices as economically and quickly as possible with the least disruption.

We consistently add value to our customers by delivering innovative, software-solutions that are built on a proven line of business applications. Our Integrated solutions are proven to: drive down operating costs, maximize resource utilization and ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

ACIS CEO Message

ACIS was started over Ten years ago with a singular vision: to create a business where the customer comes first. We’ve strived every day to meet this vision, and to build our team with this mantra always in mind. Looking back, we have built a business that has deep and lasting customer relationships, with the type of trust that can only come over time. Our customers know us, and our skills, and indeed engage us to guide them with key decisions that affect not only their Information Technology, but their businesses and hence their people.

Based on our solid business portfolio, ACIS has delivered robust and healthy growth. We keep a close watch on changing market trends to identify new growth engines. Furthermore, we are committed to achieving innovation and technology excellence, which will give us a strong competitive edge in the market and help us take our next great leap forward.

We are working hard to be one of the leading IT Company in the Local area, looking forward to the international aspect.

Mission, Vision & Values

In the era of empowerment out first obligation is to our clients.

Our mission, vision, values are the foundation, upon which we are building the best company we can be, the most successful company to provide a high quality of IT solution by setup a new view of service. We would like to help the client to take decision to change to ACIS solutions with no fear of that change. And to be Middle East and Gulf Area leader in providing IT Solutions to help our clients resolve their greatest service management and their network security challenges with efficient, value-driven strategies, intelligently deploying the industry’s leading solutions software. Along with providing hardware, Software and Maintenance all implement in one level of service to achieve the success of our clients.

We insist to be a leader in providing Human Resources Management System, Enterprise Resource Planning, Web Design, Video Animation and CCTV Camera Systems solutions in the Middle East and to provide the satisfaction of the customer’s particular needs by our solutions.

ACIS core values as a client focus to exceed customer expectations for value and service along with build and maintain customer relationships and ensure long-term satisfaction, develop plans that delivers better results, and continually strives for personal and professional development, deliver world-class results in all we do, enabling our customer to stay ahead of their competitors by providing best-in-class solutions, customer service and results, foster open relations, communications, listen, and understand other perspectives, consistently demonstrate principled and ethical judgment and practice the highest standards of social conduct.

ACIS’ Team

ACIS team consists of a unique combination of experienced engineers with senior operational, marketing and management experience.

The unique combination of the ACIS team adds value by introducing diverse approaches and global perspectives in order to achieve the highest levels of productivity and efficiency in business. We employ around 40 well qualified, experienced professionals, and can call on additional resource at short notice from strategic partners.

Our certified team of professionals has enough experience to implement diverse solutions, and our services are delivered to certified industry standard methodologies across 500 organizations in the Middle East.


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